A vehicle’s headlights are one of the key features as it allows the driver to see through the darkness, even if there are no street lights. Vehicle owners need to learn about the bulb type and size suitable for their car with help of the owner’s manual.
There is a variety of options available in the market but you should choose the one that is legal in your country, compatible, and provides bright light but doesn’t blind others. In this article, we are going to check out some of the zoncar led headlights in 2022.
best aftermarket headlights

SEALIGHT® X1 H11/H8/H9 High/Low Beam White LED Headlight Bulbs 2Pcs

These LED bulbs can be used for low and high-beam headlights as they provide 400% brighter light compared to the traditional ones. One can simply replace these bulbs within 10 minutes, which makes it easier to install without any professional’s help.
If you are looking forward to buying high or low beam headlights on budget, then SEALIGHT X1 H11/H8/H9 High/Low Beam Bulbs are the perfect pick for you. These bulbs come with a fanless design that makes them not only compact but also they don’t make noise.
Benefits of using SEALIGHT X1 aftermarket headlights:
– Plug and Play

– No warm-up time
– Quick installation
– IP67 Waterproof

Torchbeam® S1 D3S High/Low Beam White HID Xenon Headlight Bulb 2Pcs

These HID Xenon headlight bulbs provide 4300K color temperature, which makes it a bit yellowish. According to multiple reports, yellow lights are easier on the human eyes and even the driver feels more comfortable for a long drive. 
The D3S HID bulb uses 35W power which helps to reduce consumption compared to other bulbs on the market. These bulbs are durable as they are built with an aluminum base and a quartz glass tube.
Benefits of using Torchbeam aftermarket headlights:
– 4300K color temperature makes it easier on the eyes

– The build of the bulbs is good enough that makes them durable
– The service life of the bulbs is 30,000 hours
– Oil, Heat, and Wear-Resistant
– Cost-effective

SEALIGHT® S1 Scoparc 9005 High/Low Beam White LED Headlight Bulbs 2Pcs

S1 Scoparc 9005 bulbs are equipped with a powerful CSP chipset, which helps the LED to throw 300% more brightness compared to a halogen bulb. The installation requires only 5 minutes and their sizes are similar to halogen bulbs.
The lifespan of the bulbs is 20 years, which means you can buy them as a long-term investment without worrying about replacing them again and again. The sunflower design of the product ensures that there is good enough ventilation. Moreover, there won’t be any fan noise from using this product.
Benefits of using SEALIGHT S1 aftermarket headlights:
– Durable as it comes with 30,000 hours of lifespan

– Takes only 0.1 seconds to warm-up
– Compact fanless heatsink
– Intelligent external controller
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Marsauto® M2 H4/9003/HB2 High/Low Beam LED Bulb 2Pcs

M2 H4/9003/HB2 bulbs are advanced LED headlights that come in a 360-degree illumination design. It provides 6500k cool white light that is four times brighter than the original factory bulbs. These bulbs are expensive compared to other bulbs on the market but it is a good investment as it comes with an extended lifespan.
The company ensured that these bulbs go through rigorous durability tests to provide users with at least 50,000 hours of usage. The cooling system is also effective as it is designed with an aluminum heat sink alongside cooling fans.
Benefits of using Marsauto M2 aftermarket headlights:
– Durable

– Easy installation
– Efficiently cooling
– Better visibility

ZonCar® Z1 9006 High/Low Beam White LED Headlight Bulb 2Pcs

Z1 9006 High/Low Beam headlights provide 30,000 hours lifespan as they run on the Korean CSP LED chipset. They are built with an aviation aluminum body that ensures the users don’t have to replace the bulbs over and over again.
The installation is easy as the plug-and-play design doesn’t require any modification or extra wiring. It also features a turbo cooling fan that uses a unique heat sink design. Moreover, the 12,000 RPM turbofan doesn’t make any noise.
Benefits of using Zonecar aftermarket headlights:
– Unique heat sink design
– 30,000 hours lifespan
– Brighter than halogen bulbs
– Easy installation as it takes only 10 minutes
– Doesn’t blind other drivers

How Do I Choose Aftermarket Headlights? (Factors to Consider)

Headlights are one of the most used features in a vehicle as drivers sometimes have to keep the headlights on during the daytime too, considering the weather. Keep in mind that there are three types of headlights: LED, HID, and Halogen.
All three types of bulbs have their pros and cons. For instance, cost, durability, beam pattern, and brightness. In the end, it all depends on your budget and usage. If you are someone driving in the city, then you may choose something not very bright that might blind other drivers.
On the other hand, if you drive through the darkness very often, then you may choose brighter headlights to ensure that you don’t hit any animal or tree. Also, make sure that the bulbs you are buying are compatible with your vehicle. 


In conclusion, it is absolutely fine to purchase headlights if your original headlight bulbs are dimmed or burnt out. However, it is important to ensure that you are buying them from a reliable website. Just because a website is providing you with a bunch of discounts, doesn’t make it the best option for you.
Always look for professional automobile websites like Suncent Auto that ensure reliability and also a 90-day return policy. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to pick the best aftermarket headlights in 2022.